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BSL/English Interpreters work between British Sign Language and English to ensure efficient communication between Deaf and hearing people.

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British Sign Language Interpreters

All our interpreters are registered with the National Register of Communication Professionals working with Deaf people (NRCPD) and are members of the Association of Sign Language Interpreters (ASLI) or Visual Language Professionals (VLP). All interpreters are bound by a strict Code of Conduct and are subject to a Complaints Procedure regulated by the NRCPD.

You can book an interpreter by using our online booking form.

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Registered Intermediaries/Non-Registered Intermediaries

Intermediaries work in police and court settings to ensure that Deaf participants can understand, and can be understood, within the legal process. Intermediaries can assess the Deaf person's language use and make recommendations to the police or court about procedures required to provide access.

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Deaf Relay Interpreters

Deaf Relay Interpreters to work alongside BSL Interpreters to ensure clear communication with a Deaf person who has recently moved to the UK, has a mental health condition or has a learning disability.

You can book a Deaf Relay Interpreter by using our online booking form.

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Communication Support Worker

A Communication Support Worker (CSW) translates between English and BSL and can work in education or office environments to ensure that Deaf people have full access to communication. In education settings, the CSW will interpret lectures and seminars. In an office context, the CSW will translate letters or interpret phone calls.

You can book a Communication Support Worker by using our online booking form.

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Speech to Text Reporters

A Speech-to-Text Reporter (STTR) or Palantypist/Stenographer uses a special keyboard to take verbatim notes which can be shown on a screen in a meeting. People who are Hard of Hearing often find these notes useful to understand the conversation.

You can book a STTR by using our online booking form.

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Note Takers

Note-takers write a précised version of a lecture, seminar or meeting so a Deaf person watching an interpreter has a summary record of the session.

You can book a Notetaker by using our online booking form.


BSL Courses

In addition to teaching the full BSL Certificate courses we offer pre-training sessions, which are tailor made to the individual. These include Level 2 Refresher Workshops, and Pre-NVQ Level 3 courses.

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BSL Translation

Our experienced personnel are able to translate video or audio information in to British Sign Language. Using a native Deaf BSL user, our services are of the highest quality suitable for a wide target audience.

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